Monday, February 20, 2012


One of Mark Sherman’s musical dreams has come to pass. For the longest time, Sherman has yearned to make an album of bebop songs. But Sherman was sidetracked by touring and putting on jazz workshops nationally and internationally. 

 Fortunately, Sherman—whose vibe playing is akin to Milton Jackson—finally found a window of time to make that dream bebop album. Sherman titled it “L.A. Sessions" and it will be available stateside Tuesday.

Sherman slapped a fresh coat of paint on bop tunes such as “Woody N’ You,” “Quasimodo,” “Moment’s Notice, and “Celia”. Bird, Dizzy, and Powell, would be high-fiving each other if they were around to hear "L.A. Sessions". 

 Talk about having big ambition. That’s what jazz singer Kathy Kosins had plenty of when she set out to make “to the Ladies of Cool,” dedicated to four of her heroes Anita O’Day, June Christy, Chris Connor, and Julie London. Don’t mistake "to the Ladies of Cool, which Resonance Records releases March 13th, for a tribute album.

 Kosins' voice is prefect like a swimsuit model. On “to the Ladies of Cool,” Kosins performed material O’Day, Christy, Connor, and London help make famous such as “Nightbird,” “Don’t Wait Up for Me,” “Free and Easy,” and “November Twilight”. In fact, "to the Ladies of Cool" sounds as if those singer’s spirits were in the studio cheering Kosins on.

 “Seeds From The Underground” is alto sax player Kenny Garrett’s best album since “Pursuance: Music of John Coltrane”. Mack Avenue Records makes Garrett’s new album available nationwide in early April. It’s Garrett’s second album for the company, and the first in his discography that has the same energy as his live performances. 

For “Seeds From the Underground” Garrett wrote 10 spanking new songs. On “Boogety Boogety,” Wiggins” and “Detroit,” Garrett’s blowing is so dangerous you’ll have to wear a hardhat and safety goggles while listening to him.

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