Sunday, January 18, 2009


Drummer Leonard King will not stop throwing around accusations. Here's enough earful.

Hey Charles,

Who is this Dave "Groove" Holmes you keep referring to? He never existed. However, Richard "Groove" Holmes did. That says EVERYTHING that needs to be said about you. I wish you great success on your book of interviews with the "A-Team" cats. Gibbs, Woodard, I, and many more are on the "A-Plus Team". Betcha didn't know that!

Leonard-Thank for pointing out my careless mistake. That's what I appreciate about my readers. They don't hesitate to point out factual errors .You're right the organist's name is Richard not Dave. By the way, I posted your comments about my blog "Stay Away". It is titled "Critic Hating". You should read it.

Leonard I wasn't going to say anything, but after your remarks about me misidentifying the organist as Dave not Richard, I feel it's necessary to let you know I would have posted "Critic Hating” sooner, but I spent an hour last night correcting your grammatical errors and misspelled words. You misspelled seven words.

If misidentifying Richard tells you everything you need to know about me as a jazz journalist what does misspelling words you should have learned to spell in elementary school say about you. You do call yourself Professor Leonard King Jr., right.

Sure, I plan to include the article about Gerard Gibbs in my book. Maybe one day when we have put this bad blood behind us we will be able to set down and talk about your career.

Your pal


Hello Charles,

Yes, I had a few typos. BIG DEAL! Man--you really don't like who YOU are, Charles. I wonder if you've ever TRIED to be a musician at any time in your life in order to understand what it really takes at ALL levels in a person's daily life. You're a musician-wanna-be who obviously cannot be a musician at all. You can't speak the language of music at all--we REAL musicians can DO THAT. So what is your real purpose, Charles? To maim, not support the music or musicians. Your words and your blog do not serve the musicians' communities at all. Instead, you have a lot inner frustration to spew forth. Perhaps you should take up wrestling or be a police officer since you like messin' with people. Leonard King Jr.

Hey Leonard-

You're wrong again, man. I've never aspired to be a musician. I know you have to be disciplined to master any instrument. It also takes dedication and discipline to be a writer. Writing is my trade, and I'm good at it. Stop trying to psycho-analyze me. If you really want to know what motivates me just ask. I enjoy talking about myself.

I'm elated; however, your latest correspondence wasn't fraught with misspelled words and typos. Kudos! Editors call such sloppiness "dirty copy". Seven mistakes in a single article would definitely sully your credibility among the rank and file, and would get you canned. If I had your mailing address, I would've sent you a dictionary (I have several) and the "Idiot's Guide to Proper Grammar" (that's actually the name of the book) both are helpful.

Keep in mind, Leonard, I would've never pointed out your misspellings and typos in your last correspondence had you not implied I'm a numbskull for misidentifying organist Richard "Groove Holmes". The more we correspond the more I like you. Not only are you super-sensitive you're also feisty. Hey, man I have to go. I just got in from the Marcus Belgrave and Charlie Gabriel's album release party at Bert's Marketplace. Those old timers sure know how to through a party. You should've come. You could've picked up a few pointers.

Stay in touch,

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