Monday, January 19, 2009


Hello Charles,

I'm very proud to have rankled your aura--and you still don't get it. You love Marcus and Charlie. Great! Support that you dig. Under your present circumstance, you will never know enough about music to understand what it really is, let alone write about it. However, there are some professions in which your cynicism is perfect. Leave the music to those who nurture it for the universe at large. You're an outsider Charles but you won't admit it. Perhaps if you did then the cynicism would disappear, but why, of course, would you ever consider changing that???


I'm and outsider now, huh. I'll have to give that observation some serious consideration. Leonard, you sound like a misinformed mystic. I asked you politely to stop trying to psycho-analyze me. Don't you have a hard enough time keeping your chops strong? Leave all that analytical and cosmic foolishness to the professionals.

I will continue to write about jazz despite what you've construe as my insurmountable limitations. Listen man, we've been dogging each other for awhile. I'll never fully understand you. You'll never stop playing the victim long enough to understand my intentions. So let call a truce, and move forward.

You continue to make music and twiddle with the universe, and I will continue my pursuits as a cynical jazz journalist. Maybe one day soon you'll lift the ban you imposed, and we'll share a hearty laugh at what has morphed into a futile exchange of opinions. Stay positive, Leonard.Charles


When you have some spare time, please email me a list of professions you believe will suit my cynical nature. I'm curious?
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