Monday, July 11, 2011


The oldies Bryan Anthony sings on A Night Like This have been done over and over by singer's way more popular. Anthony is still working on becoming a household name. Anthony grew up in Houston, Texas. In his early 20’s, Anthony toured with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra. Not a bad start to what will be a promising music career if Anthony stays focus.

Of the many takes of How Deep is the Ocean, Stardust, I’m in the Mood for Love and April in Paris available few are good as Anthony’s take. Anthony is a red-blooded American crooner like his idols Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett.

Anthony has Sinatra’s coolness and Bennett’s laid back style. (Many jazz singers of Anthony’s generation copy Sinatra. Seems to be a Sinatra movement going on.) Like Sinatra, Anthony fancies slim fitting suits and wears his neckties loose. A Night Like This is Anthony first album for Mercator Media, and it goes on sale Tuesday.

Anthony sings 13 songs. Ten songs are easy to identify standards. Piano player Gary Norian did the arranging. Norian know every nook and crevice of Anthony's voice. And Norian purposely keeps the arrangements  basic, and the song’s original melodies within reach. 

Anthony is not a scatter. Nor is Anthony a ham. But A Night Like This is a standard heavy jazz album that jazz singers have to get off their chests. Making an album of mostly standards seems to be an unavoidable rite-of-passage for many. And a confidence booster for others. Assuredly, as Anthony matures, he'll tackle more challenging projects. 

Anthony is a unique jazz singer. Anthony undresses and caresses songs. He does so to This is All I Ask, So in Love, and I’m Confessin’. Anthony’s ability to treat songs as if he loves them sets him apart from other jazz singers of his generation.

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