Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Sachal Vasandani has many things working in his favor. Vasandani is handsome, dapper, and classy. And Vasandani is signed to a record company that respects jazz musicians. Above all, Vasandani is a wonderful singer. His vocal style is a mix of Frank Sinatra and of Mel Torme'. Vasandani definitely embodies their lounge singer swagger. 

On June 21, Mack Avenue Records releases nationally Vasandani’s third album "Hi-Fly". It’s Vasandani best so far. On his previous albums—particularly “Eyes Wide Open”—Vasandani sang some songs that didn't fit his voice. That’s not the case on “Hi-Fly”. Every song fits perfectly.

There’re oldies galore on “Hi-Fly,” and Vasandani only sings three of his own songs, which is unfortunate for us because his songwriting is powerful like his singing. (On his next album, he should include more originals.) Of course, singing oldies isn’t a bad thing. Many jazz singers do so marvelously, and Vasandani is no exception.

Vasandani obvious flair is singing love songs. Keep tissue handy while listening to Vasandani sing, “Love Is a Losing Game,” “That’s All I Want From You,” and “Flood”. Vasandani is careful with each song like pushing them up a street in a baby stroller. 

Vasandani can also sing the blues and scat convincingly, which he has a ball doing with his idol Jon Hendricks on “Mint Julep” and the title song. “Hi-Fly” is Vasandani's best albums so far, but not his magnum opus. That’s coming in the near future. Bank on that. “Hi-Fly” proves Vasandani is among today’s top male jazz singers.
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