Saturday, June 25, 2011


Mitch Winehouse is pop scarlet Amy Winehouse’s father. Until recently, he was a cab driver in the UK and a closet jazz singer. In March, Winehouse’s debut album Rush of Love went on sell. Winehouse is 60-year-old. He never felt it was too late in life to start a singing career. Amy used her star power to help her Father get going.

For Rush of Love, Winehouse choose songs from the American songbook such as Please be Kind, Tell Me, I Apologize and April in Paris. Winehouse decided to go big, So he used a big band on all but one song, Tell Me.

 Winehouse is a hopeless romantic with a voice that’s smooth like body lotion. On the tearjerker Tell Me, he gives us a taste of how sweet he sounds back by only a rhythm section.

Maybe Winehouse will only use a rhythm section on his next album. Anyway, Rush of Love is a wonderful debut. And Winehouse sounds as if he had a swell time making it.
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