Friday, August 6, 2010


"Tim Warfield has never put out a bad album," Cory the barber proclaimed. Cory set in the empty barber chair next to KB's workstation. KB owns 100% barbershop. Cory struck up a conversation about saxophonist Tim Warfield's latest album "A Sentimental Journey" after we teased KB about his outfit. He's stylish, so we nicknamed him the "dapper barber". KB cuts hair in expensive clothes. Today he wore a pair of classic Gucci Loafers. We ribbed KB when he pointed out how sharply Tim Warfield was dressed on the album cover.
"For once I agree with you," I told Cory as KB turned on the hair clippers, and trimmed down my hair. "Tim is definitely consistent.
"He's underrated in my book."
"He reminds me of some of the greats like Tina Brooks, and Ike Quebec," I said as KB turned the barber chair facing the mirror on the wall.
"Where's Tim from"?
"I thought you're a fan."
"I am, but I don't know everything about him."
"I true fan would know what time Tim brushes his teeth in the morning and where he gets his suits dry cleaned."
"You're getting carried away."
KB stepped in. He joked arguing is prohibited. Then he changed the blade on the clippers, and resumed cutting my hair.
"Tim was born in Philly..."
"Coltrane's hometown".
"That's right.
"I wonder if Trane influenced Tim"
"Organist Shirley Scott took him under her wing."
"The organ player is one of the things I like about Sentimental Journey.," Cory said.
"Pat Bianchi isn't a heavy-handed organist. He never gets in Tim's way.” That comes across on Crazy Rhythm,"
KB turned me away from the wall mirror,
Cory said: “This album is good from top to bottom, especially My Man and the title cut In Sentimental Mood".
"Tim has a light touch on the soprano sax, and he knows how to work a ballad.
"Has Tim ever played in Detroit"?
"A decade ago, he played with Christian McBride at the Blues, Roots, Honks, and Moans concert in Ann Arbor.
"Do you have a favorite tune on the album"?
“I like each equally. I could listen to this album everyday," I said.
Cory's customer walked into the barbershop. He cut the conversation, stuffed "A Sentimental Journey" cd case into the pocket of his black smock, and greeted his customer. KB handed me a mirror to inspect my haircut. Then he said: "Cory is gonna be on his deathbed talking about music."
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