Thursday, June 3, 2010


Guitarist Pat MethenyI missed your one-man show last week at Orchestra Hall. I wanted to attend, but I learned about it too late to get tickets. Fortunately, I caught your last concert in Detroit three years ago. Anyway, Sheila, a friend, attended your one-man show. I bumped into her last week. She asked if I planned to go. She was anxious. I never had her pegged for a Pat Metheny fan although awhile back, Sheila mentioned she liked jazz. Most people associate instrumentalists such as Boney James, Dave Koz and Kenny G with jazz, so I assumed Sheila liked smooth jazz not the real stuff.

Pat, Sheila recited some things about your storied career with the accuracy of a baseball card geek reciting the career statistics of his favorite pitcher. Yesterday, Sheila emailed me a concise review of your concert, which she thoroughly enjoyed. I want to share her review with you. Maybe, the next time you play in Detroit, you'll give her a shot out and invite her backstage after the concert.

Charles, it was a great show!!!! Pat Metheny is so talented. He didn’t need any sidemen because Pat had an array instruments he controlled with his guitar and other devices. He said that he always liked the player piano his grandfather owned. As a kid, Pat always marveled at how the piano played itself. A few years ago, Pat told a colleague about wanting to be an one-man orchestra, which is the ultimate oxymoron. They brainstormed and came up with “The Orchestrion”. The concert was amazing!!!! He played songs from previous albums, and you would’ve thought the entire Pat Metheny Group was on the stage, but it was only Pat and his array of contraptions. I was so blown away. He is a genius!!!!
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