Saturday, June 9, 2012


I learned late Friday the Detroit based Mack Avenue Records pushed back the release of jazz piano player Aaron Diehl’s  the bespoke man’s narrative. It was due out the 31st of July, and it’s received more hype than any other recent Mack Avenue debut.

Diehl deserves the hype. He has two disc on the market Live At The Players and Live at Caramoor. In 2011, he won the Cole Porter Fellowship in Jazz Competition of the American Pianists Association.

I heard Diehl the same year at the Detroit Jazz Festival. Before Diehl’s hour plus set began, a Mack Avenue executive announced Diehl had signed with the company. A debonair jazz piano player was my first impression of Diehl as he cruised through some originals and easy too recognize standards.

Diehl never deviated far  from how the standards were originally conceived. When he let loose he didn’t apply the improvisation on too thick. .

I was geeked when DL Media—the company that handles publicity for Mack Avenue—sent me an electronic email that detailed how wonderful the bespoke man’s narrative is. Bass player David Wong, drummer Rodney Green, and vibe player Warren Wolf are on the disc.

Last year Wolf’s self-titled debut scored big with jazz writers. It was the best debut in Mack Avenue's short history. That’s my opinion. I’ve followed the company since it opened in 2005.

Mack Avenue didn’t say why “the bespoken man’s narrative” is being delayed. I’m sure the disc will exceed the hype it’s gotten. the bespoke man’s narrative will be available to the nation sometime in February.

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