Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I have gone over “Timeline” with a fine tooth comb. Nothing is wrong with it. How did you all make a flawless album without compromising the band’s taste? Was drummer Will Kennedy’s participation key? The group has always successfully mixed musical genres. Each member is a card-carrying jazz disciple at heart. Or, did you all want the group's first outing for Mack Avenue Records to be unforgettable? The bands jazz roots are intact and on full display from start to finish here. I am partial to the up-tempo cuts such as “Why Is It” and “Tenacity”. Both embodies a smooth jazz glow. Saxophonist Bob Minzter snowplows through the songs while pianist Russell Ferrante brings up the rear, tossing notes around like rock salt on a slippery surface. The slow tempo material such as “A Single Step” and “My Soliloquy” are intended for grown folks ears. The title track “Timeline” captures the Yellow Jackets' go-for-broke mindset. The key is special guest guitarist Robben Ford. He strums as though he has sin in his fingers. Fellows, this recording is perfect and a fitting celebration of the Yellow Jackets’ thirty years of service in the music biz.
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