Monday, November 1, 2010


Plus Loin Music, the French record label, mailed me your third recording “Nina”, which is sort of a tribute to your musical hero Nina Simone. I listened to the album several times before I read the press release. This album doesn’t feel like a tribute album because you’re so original. You have depth, and it's impossible to categorize this album. You didn’t get carry away with the arrangements. Your rhythm section guitarist Marvin Sewell, bassist Francois Moutin, and drummer Andre Ceccarelli weren’t overprotective. You’re able to pull off many styles. However, you’re most recognizable gift is serving up a love song. “Do What You Gotta Do” and “Wild is the Wind” slowed down my heartbeat. On “July Tree”, you and Sewell behaved like newlyweds. Your voice is easy to love. On “Mood Indigo” Sewell playing had a celestial quality that blended with your soft phrasing. Kellylee, I receive many albums by female jazz vocalists. Most are cookie-cutter and unmemorable. “Nina” is flawless like a pricey wedding gown. Moreover, you never set out to emulate Nina Simone’s style although you chose to performed songs she made her own.
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