Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Barry, your new album ""Barry Harris Live in Rennes" is more sophisticated than the albums I've listened to this year by jazz pianists. Geri Allen, Marc Cary, Jason Moran, Jacky Terrasson Cyrus Chestnut and Eric Reed released good albums. They’re from a different generation, and they normally deviate from the status quo. On "Barry Harris Live in Rennes, you performed mostly oldies such as "I'll Keep Loving You," “My Heart Stood Still," and "Tea for Two," You built a reputation reinterpreting standards. No one will disagree. Many modern day jazz pianists play the instrument as if they're working out their aggressions. On "Barry Harris Live in Rennes" you’re gentlemanly, taking your time with every note like a romantic. No matter what trends were in vogue, you remained true to your roots and graceful. You introduced Thelonius Monk’s gem "Rudy My Dear" by giving your definition of a true jazz musician. Simply put, they respect and play jazz classics. Classical musicians play Bach and Chopin. You're right jazz musicians should feel indebted to Monk, to Powell, to Ellington, and to Parker. You took a stance early in your career. Be bop was the music you'd play forever. That's what your fans want when they go to your concerts and buy your albums. Never have you let them down. "Barry Harris Live in Rennes" shows you remain devoted to the music your heroes left behind.

"Barry Harris Live in Rennes" will be released July 20th
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