Friday, May 21, 2010


I wish I were a magician so I could step inside your new album "Mess Around" to shower you with hugs and kisses. I wanted to spend all my time with this album. Robin, I've listened to my fair share of jazz vocalists over the years. None have the sass, grit, sophistication, and nerve you possess. Wait a minute! I have to retract that statement. Jazz vocalist Pamela Rose has those traits. Robin, maybe it's wrong to typecast you as only a jazz vocalist. Before I continue, I should introduce you to people who’re unfamiliar with you.

Robin began singing as a teen. She studied jazz at Miami University and Berklee College of Music. "Mess Around" is her third album. In 2006, she released "Introducing Robin McKelle, then "Modern Antique" two years later. Early on, Robin decided to be multi-faceted, so she worked in R&B outfits jazz bands, rock groups. Aretha Franklin and Ella Fitzgerald influenced her. She left out the blues singers who also had an influence. "Mess Around" could be mistaken as a blues recording.

On "Angel," my heart melted into my lap. On "Cry Me a River”, I wanted to beat up the man who snapped your heart. Tenor saxophonist Houston Person proved to be a wise gamble. He gave "Never Make a Move Too Soon" into a bluesy texture. Robin’s voice fit the songs you chose fit your voice. At heart, I believe you’re a frustrated blues singer. However, singing love songs such as "Angel" and "Since I Looked in Your Eyes" is your true passion.
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