Monday, January 11, 2010


After I listened to your new album, "Here in the Moment" I wondered why you chose to only performed standards. Your singing is comparable to the best jazz vocalists of our time. The great Nancy Wilson immediately comes to mind. However, you played it safe this time around. I wondered if your producers convinced you to sing only standards. Do jazz record label executives encourage vocalists to be conservative on their debut and sophomore albums. Maybe making an album of standards is a rite of passage for jazz vocalists. Maybe they don't feel legitimate until they've proven they can sing the classics. R&B and pop singers always search for new material, the hottest songwriters and hottest producers. Many jazz vocalists are afraid to take chances. Gail, it's time to put away those jazz golden oldies. On your third album, you should only perform new material. The album will be a big success because you have what it takes.
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