Monday, September 28, 2009


I normally wait until an album’s release date to post my comments, but I wanted my readers to know about your new album “Wild Women of Song”, in advance. Pamela I must confess when I received your album last week I figured it was another uninspired vocal jazz album. This year I have received many albums by vocalists. To be honest, they all sound alike, and I figured your album would be the same, and I reluctantly played it.

Pamela, I was wrong. I owe you an apology because I dismissed “Wild Women of Song” before spending quality time with it. I try to be impartial, but sometimes I become frustrated. I’m often inundated with bad recordings. Anyway, you made a solid album. I recommend my readers purchase two copies.If they wear out the first. They will have a back up copy. By the third song I was hooked.

You’re smart not adding an orchestra to the mix. Most of the vocal jazz albums I listened to this year the vocalists were accompanied by orchestras, and they seemed to be jockeying for the listeners attention. I am glad you trusted your voice.

Your choice of instrumentation is worth noting as well. You performed with an organist and a guitarist, putting them together with a small horn section on the title selection “Wild Women Don’t Have the Blues”.I also liked your approach. Listening to “Bruised Around the Heart” and “I’m Not Missing You”, I wondered
if you grew up around storytellers. Your style of singing is conversational. It sounded as if you are singing short stories. You remind me of Sheila Jordan. .

Your decision to perform songs written by women such as such “I Didn’t Know About You” by Peggy Lee, “A Fine Romance” by Dorothy Fields, and “Down Hearted Blues” by Alberta Hunter thrilled me.

I felt as if I attended a history course on forgotten women songwriters. I bet Peggy Lee would have adored your interpretation of her song. Pamela, you’re I fine jazz and blues vocalist. “Wild Women of Song” was part romantic and part blues. You’re able to it both to coexist nicely.
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