Sunday, July 5, 2009


Trumpeter Dwight Adams Dear Dwight,

I was disappointed Saturday night. I went to Baker’s Keyboard Lounge to hear you, but you were not there. I heard you last at the 2008 Detroit International Jazz Festival. A year is too long to go without hearing you live. I also wanted to catch up with you. Are signed to a record deal yet? You're definitely a Detroit cat who should be on a major label. that my opinion for what it's worth. I bet if you poll your fans they'd agree with me. Just keep blowing man. You'll get a deal someday.

I arrived at the club at 11:00pm. The first set had just wrapped up. The guy at the front door refused to explain why you were a no-show. I wanted to demand an explanation, but I refrained. I did not want to make a scene. I felt as if I had been the victim of a bait and switch con. During the intermission, I asked pianist Rick Roe what happened.

Roe said you’re touring. He did not say who you're touring with. Mark Stryker, the jazz critic for the Detroit Free Press, announced your gig in his Thursday column, and I wondered why nobody notified Stryker of the cancellation.

A young trumpeter named Curtis Taylor subbed for you. I heard trumpeter Derrick Gardner of the MSU Professor of Jazz was supposed to sub, but he sprang his ankle and he couldn’t make the gig. Saturday, was the first time I heard Taylor. I didn’t get a chance to talk to him. However, Roe told me Taylor graduated from Michigan State University, and he’s played with pianist Cyrus Chestnut.

Taylor did a good job. He was backed by two up and coming player’s drummer Nate Winn and bassist Noah Jackson. Winn is going to be a star. He’s a sensitive drummer. He doesn’t overplay his band-mates or beat the drums like he hate them. Jackson understands one of his chief responsibilities is to keep the band on course.

Taylor was not afraid to tackle compositions by John Coltrane and Thelonious Monk. Taylor was competent on Coltrane “A Moments Notice”. Although Roe has way more experience than his band-mates, he didn’t have to hold their hands on any of the compositions.

I’m anxious to witness Taylor, Winn, and Jackson developed. Dwight I understand the choice you made. You have a family. When a more lucrative gig surfaces you, have to jump on it. Saturday night wasn’t a total bust. At least I got a chance to experience Taylor, Winn and Jackson, three future stars.

Continue to swing,

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