Saturday, February 7, 2009


Jaimee, I promised Stephanie Brown, a publicist for DL Media, I would spend time with your new album “At Last” this weekend. Brown mailed me an advance copy in January, and I wanted to experience it sooner, but I was sidetracked. Yesterday I finally listened to “At Last”. Frankly, I neither loved the album nor hated it. I was conflicted, and wished you'd made the album without an orchestra. It was overkill and disrupted the overall flow.

It was an ambitious endeavor, indeed. Covering classics songs immortalized by vocalists Etta James, Peggy Lee, Dinah Washington, and other Hall-of-Fame worthy vocalists. “At Last” was a nice homage to those women. However, some parts of the album irked me. The orchestra hindered you. The album would’ve been nearly flawless with just you and a rhythm section. You’re voice was that engaging.

On “Sentimental Journey”, you’re inviting; on “You Didn’t Do Right By Me" and “Over the Rainbow” your voice was cozy and comfortable like a winter sweater. Would I recommend “At Last”? Sure, on the strength of your voice alone, but I would have to add the orchestra was an eyesore, and the album would’ve flowed better without those strings instruments backing you.
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