Sunday, July 27, 2008


I’m glad you decided to stick around. It’s passed 2:00am. My blog is usually closed for the night, but it’s not often I get the opportunity to chat face to face with a living icon. Mr. Nelson the next round is on the house. By the way, who convinced you to collaboration with trumpeter Wynton Marsalis? Kudos to the individual or committee who felt this collaboration would fly.

You have to admit, it was a risky venture. You and Wynton are from different corners of the music world. You’re a Country and Western legend, and Wynton is a polished jazz traditionalist.

I was hesitant about purchasing Two Men with the Blues. I’m familiar with Wynton track record, but I’m unfamiliar with yours. That’s wasn’t the reason I was reluctant. I didn’t think you guys would click. I was wrong.

Yesterday, I gave Two Men with the Blues my undivided attention. This album could be classified as a Blues oriented jam session led by two uninhibited pros. It was recorded live at the Lincoln Center, but it could’ve taken place in an after hours dive. You showed up with your acoustic guitar in tow, and Wynton with his trumpet. Before you guys began the session, Wynton removed his suit jacket and loosened his necktie. You hung up your cowboy hat, and slipped off your boots.

Wynton kicked things off, doodling with the melody to Bright Lights Big City, altering some chords here and there. You chimed right in. Barefooted you sort of strolled through Stardust and Ain’t Nobody’s Business. On Night Life and Georgia on My Mind you spilled your guts.

Throughout this album you guys reminisced. Mr. Nelson Isn’t the Blues about unburdening yourself? Two Men with the Blues wasn’t just a bunch of bellyaching. Overall, the album worked. You look as if you’re really to leave. Before you split, have another round on the house.
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